Embedded SQL related errors

Possible error when executing an embedded SQL: ErrorMesage: 42883: function up_ods301_005(integer, timestamp with time zone) does not exit

Debugging technique:

When an embedded SQL reports error, the recommended way is to run the server Web APIs in debug mode, and check the SQL statement in the Output panel.

For example, the original embedded SQL is:

select * from up_ods301_005(20,'1981-01-01');

And the actual statement shown in the Output is:

select * from up_ods301_005(@P0,@P1)
@P0 = 20
@P1 = 1981-01-01 12:00:00.000

You can then notice that the data type of the second parameter does not match in the two statements (the first one is data, and the second one is timestamp with time zone) (for more accurate data type information, use the web debugging proxy tool).