Import license and activate PowerServer

First of all, make sure you have a valid license for the PowerServer 2021 GA version.

  • If you have a preview or beta license, the preview or beta license will no longer work with the GA version.

  • If you already have a PowerBuilder CloudPro license (no matter which version it is), the CloudPro license will automatically work with the GA version. Each PowerBuilder CloudPro subscription includes a developer license of PowerServer, which supports a maximum of 5 user sessions (user session = installable cloud app). You will need to purchase a production license of PowerServer in order to use the production server and more user sessions.

  • If you have no PowerBuilder CloudPro license, you can apply for a trial license at, or purchase a production license of PowerServer from

Once you have a valid license, you can import the license and deploy it along with the Web APIs project. The license will be validated later when the installable cloud app is run.

To import the license automatically:

To activate PowerServer using the developer license or trial license included in the PowerBuilder CloudPro subscription, you can obtain the license automatically from the Appeon website according to the current PowerBuilder IDE login account.

  1. Make sure the computer can connect to the Appeon sites (through port number 80): and

  2. Go to the Web APIs tab of the PowerServer project painter, and then click Auto Import to automatically import the license.

    PowerBuilder will automatically obtain the developer or trial license of PowerServer (according to your PowerBuilder IDE login account) from the Appeon sites and then import the license here.

To import the license manually:

You can also export the license file from the Appeon website manually and then import the license here.

  1. Log into the Appeon User Center, click License Management, and then click All Licenses under PowerServer.

  2. Click View, and then click Export to export the license code to a TXT file ([LicenseKey].txt) and save the file on the local machine.

  3. Go to the Web APIs tab of the PowerServer project painter, and then click Import form File to select and import the [LicenseKey].txt file.

If there are multiple PowerServer projects that will use different PowerServers, then you will have to import the license to every project before deployment. The license will be deployed along with the PowerServer Web APIs (in the PowerServer C# solution > ServerAPIs project > Server.json).

The license will be automatically validated when the installable cloud application is run. Please make sure the Web API server can connect to the following Appeon websites (through port number 80): and (or and so that the Appeon license server can successfully validate the license and activate the PowerServer packages.