Setting up a docker registry

A docker registry is the repository where the docker image is published and shared. You may choose from the following registries:

  • Docker Hub -- Docker's official registry, it is the default registry when you install Docker. You can connect to the public registry ( that anyone can use or a your own private registry. You will be required to log into Docker Hub before you can store the image. For more about Docker Hub, refer to

  • A self-hosted Docker Registry -- Your own registry created using the open-source Docker Registry. For more about Docker Registry, refer to

Step 1: Set up a docker registry.

In this tutorial, a self-hosted Docker Registry has already been set up in a Linux server (suppose its IP address and port number are

Write down this information as it will be required when you build and publish the ServerAPIs project as a docker image (in the later section Publishing Web APIs to Docker).

To know more about Docker, we recommend you start by understanding the Docker Architecture.