Garbage letters display when retrieving multibyte data

When retrieving multibyte data from the ASE database, garbage data displays in the installable cloud app.


The PowerServer installable cloud application connects to ASE through the ODBC driver, while the PowerBuilder C/S app connects to ASE through the native driver. When using the native driver, DBParm supports the charset parameter (for example, charset='roman8'); however when using the ODBC driver, DBParm does not support this parameter.


Set the charset setting in the ODBC data source configuration page, for example,

cp852 -- PC Eastern Europe

cp1250 -- Microsoft Windows 3.1 Eastern European

cp869 -- IBM PC Greek

cp1253 -- MS Windows Greek

cp932 -- IBM J-DBCS:CP897 + CP301 (Shift-JIS)

sjis -- Shift-JIS (no extensions)

eucksc -- EUC KSC Korean encoding = CP949

cp936 -- Microsoft Simplified Chinese character sets