Debugging the performance

If you want to find out what factors/operations cause the performance issue, we suggest that you download Fiddler and use it to track the web traffic between the application and the server, and then locate the web page/operation that is running slowly. For more instructions on how to use Fiddler, please check here: Debugging with Fiddler. Be sure to run the PowerServer Web APIs before you start Fiddler (or any other Web debugging proxy tool). Otherwise, the PowerServer Web APIs will fail to start.

In addition, when the Web APIs is running, you can check the health status of Web APIs by running https://[Web-API-URL]/health-ui in a Web browser, for example, http://localhost:5009/health-ui/. The health check report contains checking items such as SQL execution performance, the status of local network. It can help you identify the configuration issues or network connection failures affecting the performance.