ASE database

If your application uses the ASE database, please notice that the drivers used in PowerBuilder and PowerServer are different. In PowerBuilder, the ASE native driver is used, while in PowerServer, the ODBC driver is used. Due to the driver difference, we have observed the following differences when running an installable cloud application against PowerServer:

  • The ASE stored procedure might return different values because the default value of the "Set ANSI Null" option is different in these two drivers. (Read more)

  • The data values of the SelectBlob variable are truncated in the installable cloud app, because the default value of the "Text size" option in the ODBC driver is 32KB. (Read more)

  • Garbage letters display in the installable cloud app when retrieving multibyte data from the ASE database because DBParm does not support the "charset" parameter when using the ODBC driver. (Read more)

There might be other differences we haven't noticed yet. Please carefully examine the build and deploy process for any warnings or errors and fully test your application to make sure the data is correct.