This tutorial starts the Web APIs directly (using the built-in Kestrel server), you can also deploy the Web APIs to a more secure and manageable environment such as Docker Container, IIS etc. as described in the following tutorials.

In this tutorial, we will set up a .NET server running in an independent machine.

Step 1: Set up the .NET server with the following OS and software:

  • Windows Server 2019 (64-bit)

  • SQL Anywhere 17

  • SnapDevelop 2021

Step 2: Make sure the .NET server can connect to the NuGet site: (for installing PowerServer NuGet packages) and the following Appeon sites (through port number 80): and (or and (for validating the PowerServer license).


If the server connects to Internet through a proxy server, make sure to configure the proxy server settings in the PowerServer Web API as well (the ServerAPIs project > Server.json file > "ProxyOptions" block).

Step 3: Configure Windows Defender Firewall on the .NET server to allow the port (5009 in this tutorial or any port number you choose). The section "Configuring Windows Defender Firewall" has detailed instructions.


For optimal runtime performance, it is highly recommended that the PowerServer Web APIs should be published to a server that locates on the same LAN as the database server. If the database is not on the same network as the Web APIs, every request has to go a long way from PowerServer to the database, it is highly possible that there will be performance and security issues.