Alias name

For dynamic DataWindow objects that are created by SyntaxFromSQL, if the alias name is the same as the column name, you will need to carefully check if the correct column name is used in the scripts.

Take the following as an example. PowerBuilder will use "t_dwstyle_grid_employ_empid" as the column name, while PowerServer will use "empid" as the column name.

select t_dwstyle_grid_employ.empid as empid, t_dwstyle_grid_employ.empname as empname, t_dwstyle_dept.deptname as deptname 
from t_dwstyle_grid_employ, t_dwstyle_dept
where t_dwstyle_grid_employ.deptid = t_dwstyle_dept.deptid and t_dwstyle_grid_employ.empid < 500

Thus, the following script will cause a runtime error in the installable cloud app.

getitem (row, "t_dwstyle_grid_employ_empid")