Performance suggestions on running installable cloud apps

There are two hypotheses about the performance of running installable cloud apps:

  1. The PB application does not have performance problems; but the installable cloud app has.

    In this case, the performance problem may be caused by the connection network.

    And the possible reasons are:

    • The networks connection is slow or unstable;

    • The data package is too large or the SQL syntaxes are not efficient that result in long communication time in a single communication;

    • The same functionality frequently communicates with the server that results in repeated connection performance expense, etc.

    In the case, you should: 1) First consider to reduce the communication times between the client and the server so to reduce the connection performance expense; 2) Secondly, consider to optimize the efficiency of each communication, for example, by retrieving only the necessary data and using the optimal relational calculus in the SQL syntaxes, etc.3) Continue reading the suggestions provided in this chapter and take the suggestions applicable to your application.

  2. Both the PB application and the installable cloud app have performance problems:

    If the PB application has performance problems, the deployed installable cloud app will definitely have performance problems as well.

    In this case, you should:

    1) First consider to optimize the performance of the PB application and the database by using all kinds of available system tools. For example, you can use the transaction track analyzer provided by the database provider to analyze and optimize the database performance. Usually, popular database providers provide performance analysis and optimization tools with their databases, you can use these provided tools to optimize the databases.

    2) Secondly, after you make sure that the PB application does not have performance problems, use the hypothesis 1 to analyze the installable cloud app.