Creating the ODBC data source

A database connection needs to be established between the development PC and the database server (for converting DataWindows to models), and between the .NET server and the database server (for retrieving data). Currently the SQL Anywhere database can only be connected through an ODBC driver, therefore, you will need to create the same ODBC data source in both:

  • the development PC, and

  • the .NET server

Step 1: Install SQL Anywhere 17.

Step 2: Create a 64-bit ODBC data source and name it as "SalesDemo DB". The data source name must be the same in both the development PC and the .NET server. The data source should connect to the salesdemo SQL Anywhere database server (which is set up in Task 2: Setting up the database server).

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the 64-bit version of ODBC administrator to create the data source, because only the 64-bit ODBC data sources are supported by PowerServer.

Step 3: Click Test Connection to ensure the connection settings are correct.