Creating a Web server profile for remote deployment

Step 1: Go to the development PC, select Windows Start | Appeon PowerBuilder 2021, and then right-click Example Sales App and select More | Run as administrator. The SalesDemo workspace is loaded in the PowerBuilder IDE.

Step 2: Select Tools>Web Server Profile from the PowerBuilder menu bar to open the Web Server Profile window.

Step 3: In the Web Server Profile window, click Add.

Step 4: Select Remote server, and then specify the settings for connecting to the FTP site.

In this tutorial, specify the following values (or the values you chose):

Server profile name: Any text, for example, Remote IIS Web Server, Remote Apache HTTP Server, Remote Nginx, etc.

Host: IP address or host name of the FTP site, for example,

Port: Port number of the FTP site, for example, 21.

Username: Windows user name.

Password: Windows user password.

Step 5: Click Test FTP Connection and make sure connection to the FTP site is successful.


In case connection errors occur, try the following to resolve:

  • Check if the Windows Defender Firewall on the FTP server allows the FTP port (21 in this tutorial) to go through.

  • Check if the port (21 in tutorial) is occupied by any other program.

    Tip: You can execute the command "netstat -ano | findstr 21" to check if the port number is occupied by any other program.

  • Input a username and password for logging to the FTP site, instead of using anonymous login.

  • Check if the user has read and write permissions to the FTP root.