Starting the Web APIs

Step 1: Make sure your computer can connect to the NuGet site (

The packages required for compiling and running the Web APIs must be downloaded from the NuGet site first.

Step 2: Click the Compile & Run Web APIs button () in the toolbar to compile and run the Web APIs on the local computer.

This will run the Web APIs directly on Kestrel (a light-weight web server included and enabled automatically in every ASP.NET Core project).

To deploy Web APIs to a dedicated hosting environment such as Docker or IIS, refer to Tutorial 2: Hosting Web APIs in Docker Containers and Tutorial 3: Hosting Web APIs in IIS.

Step 3: Check the Output window and make sure build is successful.

Step 4: Make sure the API console window displays "Application started...".

Also notice "Now listening on:" in the console window. This is the URL for accessing the Web APIs. You can use "localhost" or the IP address to access the Web APIs running on the local computer. The port number can be modified in the launchSettings.json in the PowerServer C# solution and will take effect in the development environment.

When the installable cloud application is run later, you can view the logs in the console window to check if the requests and responses are processed successfully.