The following tasks give a comprehensive overview of what you can perform for a PowerServer project:

  1. Create the PowerServer project.

  2. Define the PowerServer project.

  3. Configure the Web server for deployment.

  4. Upload the cloud app launcher and the runtime files.

  5. Configure the Web API server settings.

  6. Configure the database connection.

  7. Import license and activate PowerServer.

  8. Analyze the unsupported features.

  9. Build and deploy the PowerServer project.

  10. Compile and run the Web APIs.

  11. Check the status of Web APIs.

  12. Run the installable cloud application.

  13. Customize the app entry page.

  14. Customize the deployed app using commands.

  15. View the API documentation.

  16. Get/Kill user sessions.

  17. Package the client app.

  18. Undeploy the client app.

  19. Uninstall the client app.