SelectBlob data truncated

The data values of the SelectBlob variable are truncated in the installable cloud app.

Cause & Solution:

The PowerServer installable cloud application connects to ASE through the ODBC driver, while the PowerBuilder C/S app connects to ASE through the native driver. The Text size option in the ODBC driver is 32KB by default.

You can increase the text size value using the Control Panel

  1. Select Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC), then select the data source for Adaptive Server Enterprise in the User DSN or System DSN tab.

  2. Select Configure to display the ODBC Adaptive Server Enterprise Setup window, then select Advanced.

  3. Change the value for Text Size to a larger value (the default value is 32KB). The Adaptive Server ODBC drive truncates any data value that is larger than the value you set here.