Applies to

Oval, Rectangle, RoundRectangle, StaticText, and StaticHyperLink controls


The FillPattern property specifies the hatch pattern used to fill the control.

For drawing objects, the pattern uses the FillColor for the background and the LineColor for the foreground lines.

For StaticText and StaticHyperLink controls, the pattern uses the BackColor for the background and the TextColor for the foreground lines. The text and the pattern lines use the same color.


In a painter

To set the fill pattern:

  • Select the desired hatch pattern from the Fill Pattern drop-down list on the General page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The FillPattern property takes a value of the FillPattern enumerated datatype.

The following example sets a diamond fill for a StaticText control:

st_1.FillPattern = Diamond!