Applies to

InkEdit controls


Specifies whether ink collection is enabled and whether ink only or ink and gestures are collected.


In a painter

To specify the mode of ink collection:

  • Select a value from the InkMode drop-down list on the Ink page in the Properties view.

In scripts

The InkMode property takes a value of the InkMode enumerated variable. Values are:

  • CollectInk! -- Only ink is collected.

  • CollectInkAndGestures! -- Ink and gestures are collected (default).

  • InkDisabled! -- Ink collection is disabled.

The value of the property is always InkDisabled! on systems that do not have an ink recognizer installed.

This example specifies that the InkEdit control will collect ink but ignore gestures:

ie_1.InkMode = CollectInk!