Applies to

grAxis objects in Graph controls


Specifies whether the back edge of an axis is shaded. Applies only to 3D graphs. The shade color is a property of the graph, not the axis.


In a painter

To shade the back edge of an axis in a 3D graph:

  1. Select a 3D graph type from the GraphType list on the General page of the graph control's Properties view.

  2. Select a shade color from the ShadeColor list on the General page.

  3. Display the Axis tab page of the graph control's Properties view and select the desired axis from the Axis list.

  4. Select the ShadeBackEdge check box on the Axis tab page.

In scripts

The ShadeBackEdge property takes a boolean value. The following example selects the shade color for the graph and then specifies that the back edge of the Category axis in a 3D graph is shaded:

gr_1.ShadeColor = RGB(240,250,150)
gr_1.Category.ShadeBackEdge = TRUE