Applies to

Line, Oval, Rectangle, RoundRectangle controls


The line color is the color for the border and the lines in the control's fill pattern.


In a painter

To change the line color:

  • Select a color from the Line Color drop-down list on the General page of the control's property sheet, or select a color from the Background Color option on the Style Bar.

    Using the StyleBar lets you change the line color for several selected objects at the same time. To add your own colors to the color drop-down list, select Design>Custom Colors before opening the Properties view.

In scripts

The LineColor property takes a long value. If you do not know the long value for the color, choose Design>Custom Colors to determine the red, green, and blue values and then call the RGB function to specify the color in a script.

The following statement specifies red as the line color for a Rectangle:

r_1.LineColor = RGB(255,0,0)