Applies to

InkEdit, InkPicture controls


A read-only property available at runtime that provides the current status of the control so that the user does not need to monitor the Stroke event to be sure that a stroke has been completed.


In scripts

The Status property for InkEdit controls takes a value of the InkEditStatus enumerated variable. Values are InkEditCollectingInk!, InkEditRecognizingInk!, and InkEditIdle!.

The Status property for InkPicture controls takes a value of the InkPicStatus enumerated variable. Values are CollectingInk! and Idle!.

This code in a button's Clicked event checks that the status of the InkEdit control is idle before setting the UseMouseForInput property to true:

IF ie_1.Status = InkEditIdle! THEN   ie_1.UseMouseForInput = TRUE
ELSE   MessageBox("Please try again later",  &
      "Text is being recognized.")