Applies to

MLSynchronization and MLSync objects


Specifies a command line option or a list of command line options for the dbmlsync synchronization command.

For information about available command line options, you can click the Usage button next to the Extended Options text box on the MobiLink Client Additional Options page of the MobiLink wizard, or you can open the chapter on synchronization parameters in the MobiLink Clients book.


In a painter

On the Settings page of the object's Properties view, type the options you want in the Extended Options text box.

In scripts

You can include a string with extended options to be added to a synchronization call.

For example, the following line sets the script version to "test":

mySync_1.ExtendedOpts = "sv = test"

On the next Synchronize call from the MLSync object mySync_1, PowerBuilder adds the -e extended option with the value that you set:

dbmlsync -e "sv=test"