Applies to

grAxis objects in Graph controls


The MinValDateTime property specifies the minimum value for an axis when the axis datatype is date or time. This property is not used if the Autoscale property is enabled.


In a painter

To set the minimum value of an axis with a date or time datatype:

  1. Display the Axis tab page of the graph's Properties view and select the desired axis from the Axis list.

  2. Make sure that the Autoscale check box is not checked.

  3. Select adtDate!, adtTime!, or adtDateTime! from the DataType drop-down list.

  4. Specify the desired minimum date or time value in the MinimumValue field.

    This value should be smaller than the minimum data value being graphed.

In scripts

The MinValDateTime property takes a value of the DateTime datatype.

The following example sets the MinValDateTime property for an Axis with a datatype of date:

gr_1.Values.DataType = AdtDate!
gr_1.Values.MinValDateTime = 01/31/1900