Applies to

RibbonCheckBoxItem, RibbonLargeButtonItem, RibbonMenuItem, RibbonSmallButtonItem, and RibbonTabButtonItem controls


Specifies the shortcut key for the ribbon controls. The shortcut key is a combination of keys that a user can press to select an item whether or not the item is displayed.

For RibbonMenuItem controls, a user can also specify accelerator keys. See Text for more information.


In scripts

The shortcut key for ribbon controls can only be set in scripts.

The Shortcut property takes a string value. The following example specifies that a ribbon tab button can be selected when the user presses the CTRL, ALT, and A keys at the same time:

RibbonTabButtonItem lr_TabButton
lr_TabButton.Shortcut = "Ctrl+Alt+A"