Applies to

RichTextEdit controls


When the ToolBar property is enabled, a toolbar for formatting text displays above the editing area of the RichTextEdit control. The toolbar includes bolding, italics, underscore, strikeout, alignment, spacing, superscript, subscript, tabs, display of text symbols such as paragraph returns, and text color. If the control is not wide enough, the tool bar is truncated.

The toolbar can also be enabled and disabled at runtime by the user from the Properties item on the pop-up menu, if the PopMenu property has been set to true.


In a painter

To display the toolbar in a RichTextEdit control:

  • Select the ToolBar check box on the Document tab page of the control's Property view.

In scripts

The ToolBar property takes a boolean value. The following line makes a toolbar display in a RichTextEdit:

rte_1.ToolBar = TRUE