Applies to

Visible controls (except for RibbonBar and WebBrowser) within a window.


TabOrder specifies the order in which the control receives focus when the user tabs among controls within a window. Setting the TabOrder for a control to 0 means that the control cannot be tabbed to.


In a painter

To set tab order for controls within a window:

  1. Select Format>Tab Order from the menu bar.

    Numbers indicating the tab order for each visible control are displayed in red on the window.

  2. Select the number you want to change and type in a new number between 0 and 9999.

    The actual value of the number does not matter; only the relative values among controls matter.

  3. Select Format>Tab Order from the menu bar again to save the tab order.

In scripts

The TabOrder property takes an integer value between 0 and 9999. The value of 0 removes the control from the tab order.

The following example sets the tab order for three controls. The EditMask control is tabbed to after the ListView control and before the CommandButton:

lv_1.TabOrder = 10
em_1.TabOrder = 15
cb_1.TabOrder = 20