TabStop[ ]

Applies to

MultiLineEdit, EditMask, ListBox, PictureListBox controls


The TabStop property array allows you to specify a repeating tab stop or tab stops at arbitrary positions. The tab stops are indicated by character positions.

If you specify one value, the tab stops are equally spaced using that value. If more than one tab stop is specified, tab stops are located in the character positions entered. The default is tab stops every 8 character positions.


In a painter

To specify tab stops:

  • Enter the character positions for each tab stop desired in the TabStop field on the General page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The TabStop[ ] property is a signed integer array containing the positions of the tab stops. The tab stops are in character positions.

The following lines define two tab stops at character positions 5 and 15.

lb_1.tabstop[1] = 5
lb_1.tabstop[2] = 15