Applies to

Controls that display text


Italic is a property of text in a control.


In a painter

To italicize all text items in a control:

  • Select the Italic check box on the Font tab page of the control's property page, or select the control and then click the I button on the StyleBar.

To italicize a text objects in a graph control:

  1. Display the Text tab page of the graph control's Properties view.

  2. Select the desired text object from the Text Object list box.

  3. Select the Italic check box.

In scripts

The Italic property takes a boolean value. The following example italicizes the text in a StaticText control:

st_1.Italic = TRUE

This example italicizes the label of the Value axis of a graph control:

gr_1.Values.LabelDispAttr.Italic = TRUE