Applies to

ListView and TreeView controls


The LayoutRTL property specifies that the layout of the control should be a mirror image of the standard layout. Scroll bars display at the left of the control. In a ListView, icons are right justified. In a TreeView, the root-level icon is right justified and its label displays to the left of the icon. Lower levels are indented from the right. Unlike the RightToLeft property, which affects the display of characters, the LayoutRTL property does not require an operating system that supports right-to-left display. Values are:

  • TRUE -- Elements in the control are right justified.

  • FALSE -- Elements in the control are left justified (default).

For best results, set this property in the painter so that you can see its effect. Setting this property at runtime can have unexpected results.


In a painter

To set the LayoutRTL property:

  • Select the RTL Layout check box on the Other page in the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The LayoutRTL property takes a boolean value.

The following line sets the LayoutRTL property of a ListView control to true:

lv_1.LayoutRTL = TRUE

The following lines determine the value of the LayoutRTL property for a TreeView control:

boolean bRTL
bRTL = tv_1.LayoutRTL