Applies to

Controls, windows, user objects, menus

Ribbon controls (including RibbonApplicationButtonItem, RibbonTabButtonItem, RibbonCategoryItem, RibbonPanelItem, RibbonGroupItem, RibbonLargeButtonItem, RibbonSmallButtonItem, RibbonCheckBoxItem, RibbonComboBoxItem, and RibbonMenuItem)


The Visible property specifies whether the object, window object, or Menu object is visible.


The Visible property for ribbon controls can only be set in scripts.

In a painter

To set the Visible property:

  • Select the Visible check box on the General page of the object's Properties view.

In scripts

The Visible property takes a boolean value. The following line specifies that MultiLineEdit mle_1 is visible:

mle_1.Visible = TRUE

You can use the Show and Hide functions to change the visibility of an object.

Usage note

You cannot use the Visible property or the Show or Hide functions to show or hide an MDI sheet or a drop-down or cascading menu or any menu that has an MDI frame window as its parent window.