Applies to

InkEdit, InkPicture controls


A drawing attribute that specifies the width of the pen in pixels. The default is 53 pixels. If the IgnorePressure property is not set, the actual width varies between .5 times the value of the Width property for minimum pressure and 1.5 times its value for maximum pressure.

The pen tip can be a ball or a rectangle. The InkWidth property specifies the diameter of the ball tip and the width of the rectangular tip.


In a painter

To specify the width of the ink drawn in an InkEdit or InkPicture control:

  • Type or select a value in the InkWidth spin control on the Ink page in the Properties view.

In scripts

The InkWidth property takes an integer value.

This example sets the InkWidth property for ie_1 to 106:

ie_1.InkWidth = 106