Applies to

StaticText and StaticHyperLink controls


BorderColor defines the color to be used for the border around a StaticText or StaticHyperLink control. The color is visible only with the Box border style.

To add your own colors to the BorderColor list, select Design>Custom Color before displaying the Properties view.


In a painter

To specify a border color:

  1. Select the Border check box on the General page of the control's Properties view.

  2. Select StyleBox! from the BorderStyle list.

  3. Select the desired color from the BorderColor list on the General page.

In scripts

The BorderColor property takes a long value. If you do not know the long value for the color, choose Design>Custom Colors to determine the red, green, and blue values and then call the RGB function to specify the color in a script.

This example enables the display of a border, specifies the Box border style, and then specifies red as the border color for StaticText control st_1:

st_1.Border = TRUE
st_1.BorderStyle = StyleBox!
st_1.BorderColor = RGB(255,0,0)