Applies to

Graph controls


The Category property of the Graph control allows you to specify the properties of the category axis of the graph. The category axis is an object (of the type grAxis) within the Graph control.


In a painter

To set the properties of the Category Axis of a graph control:

  1. Display the Axis tab page of the graph control's Properties view.

  2. Select Category from the Axis drop-down list.

  3. Set the desired values on the Axis tab page.

In scripts

The datatype of the Category property is grAxis, which is a type of object that has its own properties for controlling the appearance of the axis. Use the following syntax to specify values for the category axis:

GraphControlName.Category.grAxisProperty = value

The following example sets the label of the category axis of a graph control:

gr_1.Category.Label = "Types of Products"