Applies to

DatePicker controls


Specifies the date/time value assigned to the control. The date part of the Value property uses the format for short dates specified in the regional settings in the Windows control panel on the local computer. The time part of the Value property uses the time format specified in regional settings.

The Value defaults to the current date and time.


In the painter

To set the Value property:

  • Select a date from the Value drop-down calendar on the General page of the Properties view or type a date and optional time into the Value box.

In scripts

The Value property takes a DateTime value. The value you assign must be capable of being interpreted as a DateTime value. You can use the DateValue and TimeValue properties to extract the date and time parts of the Value property.

This example sets the Value property to midday on July 1, 2005. The display format depends on the value of the Format and CustomFormat properties and the regional settings for date and time on the local computer:

dp_1.Value = DateTime(Date("2005/07/01"),Time("12:00:00"))