Applies to

grAxis objects of Graph controls


DisplayEveryNLabels is a property of the grAxis objects that can be part of graph controls. There are three grAxis objects: Category, Series, and Values.

This property specifies which major divisions to label on the selected axis in the graph. For example, a value of 2 means to label every other tick mark. Use 0 to let the graph select the optimum number of labels to use.


In a painter

To specify the number of major divisions to label:

  1. Display the Axis tab page in the graph's Properties view.

  2. Select the desired Axis from the Axis drop-down list.

  3. Use the spin control to select a number from 0 to 100 in the DisplayEveryNLables field.

In scripts

The DisplayEveryNLabels property takes an integer. The following example sets labeling at every 10 tick marks for the Series Axis:

gr_1.Series.DisplayEveryNLabels = 10