Applies to

TabPage objects and UserObjects when they are tab pages


The TabBackColor property allows you to select the color of the tab on the tab page.


The TabBackColor property will take effect only when the Windows classic style option is selected. Select "Enable Windows Classic Style in the IDE" in the System Options for this property to take effect when running the application from the IDE; and select "Windows classic style" in the project painter for this property to take effect when running the application executable.

In a painter

To add your own colors to the color drop-down list, select Design>Custom Colors before displaying the Properties view.

To set the background color for the tab:

  1. Select the desired tab page on the tab control.

  2. Select the TabPage tab in the Properties view.

  3. Select the desired color in the TabBackColor drop-down list.

    You can set the color of the body of the tab page on its General tab.

In scripts

The TabBackColor property takes a long value (-2 to 16,777,215) that specifies the numerical value of a color. The TabBackColor value is a combination of values for the red, green, and blue components of the color.

If you do not know the long value for the color, choose Design>Custom Colors to determine the red, green, and blue values and then call the RGB function to specify the color in a script.

The following example sets blue as the background color for a tab:

tab_1.tabpage_2.TabBackColor = RGB(0, 0, 255)