Applies to

Application object


Determines whether PowerBuilder libraries are held in memory after PowerBuilder disconnects from a database.


Prior to PowerBuilder 8, PowerBuilder automatically freed database interface libraries when it disconnected from the database. To enhance performance and resolve process initialization issues with certain database management systems, PowerBuilder no longer frees the database interface libraries by default when it disconnects. The FreeDBLibraries property on the Application object enables you to force the release of these libraries upon disconnecting from the database.

This is a runtime property only. To free libraries held in memory after PowerBuilder disconnects from a database at design time, select the Free Database Driver Libraries On Disconnect check box on the General page of the System Options dialog box. Design-time and runtime libraries are always cleared from memory on shutdown of PowerBuilder.

For more information on the design-time selection for freeing database interface libraries, see the section called “Accessing data in PowerBuilder” in Connecting to Your Database.

In the application painter

To free PowerBuilder libraries upon disconnecting from a database:

  • Select the FreeDBLibraries check box on the General page of the application's Properties view.

In scripts

The FreeDBLibraries property takes a boolean value. The following example sets the property to clear memory and release PowerBuilder libraries after disconnecting from a database at runtime:

my_app.FreeDBLibraries = TRUE