Applies to

DropDownListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, EditMask, MultiLineEdit, SingleLineEdit, RibbonComboBoxItem controls


When automatic horizontal scrolling is enabled, text in the control scrolls left or right automatically when the user enters or deletes data. When automatic horizontal scrolling is not enabled, text does not scroll left or right as the user changes data, and data that exceeds the width of the line provided is ignored.


In a painter

To enable automatic horizontal scrolling:

  • Select the AutoHScroll check box on the General page of the object's Properties view.

In scripts

The AutoHScroll property takes a boolean value.

For example, this statement enables automatic right and left scrolling as the user enters or modifies data in the edit box of a DropDownListBox control:

ddlb_1.AutoHScroll = TRUE

This property cannot be set at runtime for EditMask controls.