StatePictureName[ ]

Applies to

ListView, TreeView controls


PowerBuilder stores ListView images in several indexed arrays of images. State pictures are displayed to the left of ListView items and their pictures, if they have them.

You can associate a state image with a ListView control only with scripts.

You identify a specific image by its index number.


In a painter

To specify State images:

  1. Select the State tab page from the ListView control's Properties view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In the rows provided in the Picture Name field, type the complete path and name of the files containing the desired pictures.

    • Use the Browse button.

    • Select one or more pictures from the Stock Pictures list.

  3. Use the row numbers from this Picture Name list as the index number when setting the State picture index in scripts.

In scripts

The StatePictureName property takes a string value. You cannot use the StatePictureName property to update the image list during execution. Use the AddStatePicture function to add State pictures to a ListView control. For example:

integer index
index = lv_1.AddStatePicture("c:\ArtGal\ico\star.ico")
lv_1.StatePictureIndex = index

For more information about scripting ListView controls, see the section called “Using ListView controls” in Application Techniques.