Applies to

DropDownListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, DatePicker, and RibbonComboBoxItem controls


When AllowEdit is enabled in a drop-down list, the user can edit the selection in the text box of the control. If AllowEdit is not enabled, the user can only make a selection from the list and cannot edit the selection.

In a DatePicker control, the user can modify the date in the control by picking a date from the drop-down calendar or by modifying the selected part of the date (year, month, or day) in the control if the format of the part is numeric. When AllowEdit is enabled, pressing F2 or placing the cursor in the control selects all the text in the control for editing. When the control loses focus, the text in the control reverts to its original value and the UserString event is fired. In the UserString event script, you can parse the string entered by the user and change the value in the control if the string passes validation.

To change the date by modifying one part of the date at a time when AllowEdit is enabled, the user can tab into the control and use the arrow keys to move between parts of the date.

When a part of the date is changed, the change is retained if it is valid. If the user enters a year, month, or day that is out of the range specified for the control, that value reverts to its previous value. If the user enters a day that is greater than the number of days in the month in the control, or a month greater than 12, the second digit entered is retained in the control.


In a painter

To allow editing:

  • On the General page of the control's Properties view, select the AllowEdit check box.

In scripts

The AllowEdit property takes a boolean value.

This example sets AllowEdit for a DropDownListBox:

ddlb_1.AllowEdit = TRUE