Applies to

Controls that can display text


The FaceName property specifies the typeface used for text in the control. For tab controls, the property specifies the typeface for text labels on tabs.

The typefaces available for your use are those installed on your system. Keep in mind that the fonts available to you may not be available where you deploy your application.


This property does not work in MonthCalendar controls on the Windows 7/8.1/10 operating system.

In a painter

To set the typeface of text in a control:

  • Select a typeface from the FaceName list box on the Font tab page of the control's Properties view.

To set the typeface of text objects in a graph control:

  1. Display the Text tab page of the graph control's Properties view.

  2. Select the desired text object from the Text Object list box.

  3. Select a typeface from the FaceName list box.

In scripts

The FaceName property takes a string value. The following example sets the font for text labels on tab pages of a tab control to the Arial typeface:

tab_1.FaceName = "Arial"