Applies to

OLE controls


Specifies how the user activates the control. Choices are:

  • Double Click

    When the user double-clicks on the control, the server application is activated.

  • Get Focus

    When the user clicks or tabs to the control, the server is activated. If you also write a script for the GetFocus event, do not call MessageBox or any function that results in a change in focus.

  • Manual

    The control can be activated programmatically only with the Activate function.

During development, you activate the object in the Window painter.


In a painter

To specify how the object is activated:

  • Select the desired setting from the Activation drop-down list on the General page of the control's Properties view.

    The control can always be activated programmatically, regardless of the Activation setting.

In scripts

The Activation property takes a value of the omActivation enumerated datatype.

This example changes the Activation property type to ActivateOnGetFocus! for the object ole_1:

ole_1.Activation = ActivateOnGetFocus!