Applies to

Tab controls


Tabs can appear on any side of the Tab control (top, bottom, left, right) or on opposite sides.

When you select two sides (for example, top and bottom), the selected tab divides the tabs so that tabs before it appear on one side and tabs after it appear on the opposite side. The selected tab itself appears on the first side of the pair.


In a painter

To set the position of tab pages in a tab control:

  • Select the desired type of position from the TabPosition drop-down list on the General page of the tab control's Properties view.

In scripts

The datatype of the TabPosition property is the TabPosition enumerated datatype.

The following example positions tabs on the top and bottom of the Tab control. Tabs before the selected tab and the selected tab itself are on top. Tabs after the selected tab are on the bottom.

tab_1.TabPosition = TabsOnTopAndBottom!