Applies to

CheckBox, DropDownListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, EditMask, Graph, GroupBox, ListView, MultiLineEdit, PictureButton, RadioButton, RichTextEdit, SingleLineEdit, StaticHyperlink, Tab, TreeView, UserObject, and Window controls


Specifies the transparency of a window.


The Transparency property takes an integer value in the range 0 to 100, where 0 means that the window is opaque and 100 that is completely transparent. This property is useful when you want a non-modal dialog box or window to remain visible but become semi-transparent when the user's focus has shifted to another area.

In MDI applications, sheet windows always have the same transparency as the frame window. The transparency setting of the sheet window is ignored.

In a painter

To make the window transparent:

  • Select or type a value in the Transparency spin control on the General page of the window's Properties view.

In scripts

Changes in the Transparency property take effect immediately.

The following statement sets Transparency to 25%:

w_popup.Transparency = 25

The following statement in the Moved event of a HTrackbar control sets the transparency based on the setting in the track bar:

w_popup.Transparency = scrollpos