Applies to

EditMask controls


The value of the MinMax property specifies the minimum and maximum values allowed when the EditMask functions as a spin control.

You can specify minimum and maximum values only for date and numeric datatypes. For dates, enter a full date (for example, 1/1/2003), although the minimum and maximum values affect only the year. The user can scroll freely through the days and months.


In a painter

To set the minimum and maximum spin values:

  1. Select the Spin Control check box on the Mask tab page of the control's Properties view.

  2. Enter minimum and maximum values in the Min and Max fields in the Spin Range group.

In scripts

The MinMax property takes a string value. The values are separated with two tildes (~~).

The following example sets the minimum and maximum spin for an Edit Mask em_1:

em_1.MinMax = ("100 ~~ 10000")