Applies to

RichTextEdit controls


The HeaderFooter property specifies whether the control has a header/footer section. You must write a menu or button script to allow users to display the header and footer editing panels.

See the section called “Implementing Rich Text” in Application Techniques for more information about using RichTextEdit controls.


If the RichTextEdit control does not have a header/footer section and you open a document that has a header and footer section, the header and footer is ignored. If you later save the document from within the control using the same file name, the header and footer in the original document are lost.


In a painter

To enable the header/footer section in the control:

  • Select the Header-Footer check box on the Document tab page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The HeaderFooter property takes a boolean value, but it can be set only in the control's Properties view. The value cannot be changed during execution.

Use the ShowHeadFoot function to display the header and footer editing panels during runtime.