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The WindowDockState property specifies how the MDI windows are first displayed. The state can be:

  • Docked

    The sheet is open and fixed in position relative to the Window object. The docked state is the default.

  • Floating

    Users can move a floating sheet around or even outside the Window object.

  • TabbedDocument

    Sheets that appear tabbed in the same area of the Window.

  • TabbedWindow

    Docked windows that occupy the same area of the Window are in a tabbed group. The tabs are at the bottom.


In a painter

To set the window state:

  • Select the desired option from the WindowDockState drop-down list on the Position tab page of the window's Properties view.

In scripts

You cannot specify the initial state of the window before it has been opened. You can change its display state afterwards while the window is open.

The WindowDockState property takes a value of the WindowDockState enumerated datatype. The following line sets the Docked state for the current window:

This.WindowDockState = WindowDockStateDocked!