Applies to

Picture, PictureButton, PictureHyperLink, and Animation controls


The OriginalSize property specifies whether the width and height of the picture are set to their original values.

For Animation controls, it specifies whether the width and height properties of the Animation control are set to the size of the AVI clip.

In the painter, if you use the mouse to resize the control or if you set the Width or Height properties on the Position tab, the OriginalSize property becomes disabled and the check box becomes unchecked.


In a painter

To set the picture to its original size:

  • Select the OriginalSize check box on the General page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The OriginalSize property takes a boolean value. The following line sets the OriginalSize property to false:

p_1.OriginalSize = FALSE

You should not try to change the width or height of a picture control when OriginalSize is set to true, because it can lead to unexpected behavior. In this example, the OriginalSize property is checked and set to false before the control is doubled in size:

integer li_width, li_height
li_width = p_1.width * 2
li_height = p_1.height * 2

if p_1.originalsize then p_1.originalsize = FALSE
p_1.width = li_width
p_1.height = li_height

The SetRedraw function must be called only when the image is very large. Before performing multiple resize operations of large JPEG images, set the name of the picture to an empty string temporarily to avoid unnecessary lengthy recompilations.