Applies to

InkPicture controls


Specifies whether ink only, gestures only, or ink and gestures are collected.


In a painter

To specify the mode of ink collection:

  • Select a value from the CollectionMode drop-down list on the Ink page in the Properties view.

In scripts

The CollectionMode property takes a value of the InkCollectionMode enumerated variable. Values are:

  • InkOnly! -- Only ink is collected, creating a stroke. The Gesture event is not triggered.

  • InkAndGesture! -- Ink and single-stroke gestures are collected (the default).

  • GestureOnly! -- Only gestures are collected. Gestures can be single or multiple strokes. CollectionMode must be set to GestureOnly! for the double-tap gesture to be recognized.

This example specifies that the InkPicture control will recognize gestures but not collect ink:

ie_1.InkCollectionMode = GestureOnly!