Applies to

RibbonGroupItem controls


Identifies whether the group is at the new line. (Default is FALSE.)

The groups (one or more) in the same panel will be displayed in one line, unless the NewLine property is set to true, or there are controls of different type before or after the group.


Long ll_Handle_Category, ll_Handle_Panel, ll_Handle_Group
RibbonGroupItem lr_Group, lr_Group2

ll_Handle_Category = rbb_1.InsertCategoryFirst ("Category")
ll_Handle_Panel = rbb_1.InsertPanelFirst (ll_Handle_Category, "Panel", "AddSmall!")
ll_Handle_Group = rbb_1.InsertGroupFirst (ll_Handle_Panel, lr_Group)
rbb_1.InsertCheckBoxFirst (ll_Handle_Group, "CheckBox1", "Ue_CheckBoxClicked")
lr_Group2.NewLine = true
ll_Handle_Group = rbb_1.InsertGroupLast (ll_Handle_Panel, lr_Group2)
rbb_1.InsertCheckBoxFirst (ll_Handle_Group, "CheckBox2", "Ue_CheckBoxClicked2")