Applies to

Application and Window objects, and CheckBox, DataWindow, DatePicker, DropDownListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, EditMask, GroupBox, InkEdit, ListBox, ListView, MonthCalendar, MultiLineEdit, PictureListBox, RadioButton, SingleLineEdit, StaticHyperLink, StaticText, and TreeView controls


The RightToLeft property specifies that characters should be displayed in right-to-left order. The application must be running on an operating system that supports right-to-left display. Values are:

  • TRUE -- Characters display in right-to-left order.

  • FALSE -- Characters display in left-to-right order (default).

When you want to display Arabic or Hebrew text for message and buttons, set the RightToLeft property of the Application object to true. The characters of the message display from right to left. However, the button text continues to display in English unless you are running a localized version of PowerBuilder.

This property has no effect on other aspects of the control's layout. For ListView and TreeView controls, use the LayoutRTL property to display a mirror image of the standard layout.

For best results, set this property in the painter so that you can see its effect. Setting this property at runtime can have unexpected results.

For the TreeView DataWindow style, this property can be set in the development environment but it cannot be set at runtime.


In a painter

To set the RightToLeft property:

  • Select the RightToLeft check box on the General page in the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The RightToLeft property takes a boolean value.

The following line sets the RightToLeft property of a SingleLineEdit control to true:

sle_1.RightToLeft = TRUE