Applies to

EditMask controls


This property specifies the datatype of the control. The special characters used to define the mask differ depending on the datatype of the mask control.


In a painter

To select the mask datatype:

  • Select the desired type from the Type drop-down list box in the Options group on the Mask tab.

    The examples of special characters displayed in the Masks field change to show the characters relevant to the selected mask datatype.

In scripts

The MaskDataType property takes a value of the MaskDataType enumerated datatype and can be used to obtain the datatype of a mask. It cannot be used to set the datatype.

The following example uses the SetMask function to set the datatype and date format for a mask, and then uses the Mask property to obtain the value of the date format:

MaskDataType l_mdt

em_1.SetMask(DateMask!, 'mm/dd/yy')
l_mdt = em_1.MaskDataType